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Very Nice Studio

Our mission - games that are good, clean, and most importantly, fun!

Founded in 2008, Very Nice Studio is a game development team with years of experience designing video games and educational programs. From day one, our focus has been to create games with great replayability - games that are valuable, educational and, most of all, safe for children. Privacy Policy

CEO / Lead Designer
Krzysztof Hrynkiewicz

Krzysztof Hrynkiewicz

With 14+ years in the gaming industry, Krzysztof wears many hats: Game Designer, Screenwriter, Head of Production, Dialogue Writer. He also has a non-gaming hat: Architect. When he’s not busy making cool games, he sings, plays guitar and composes music for his band, The Paperbags, which he formed with friends and family. Krzysztof has a wife, two kids, a cat and a rabbit. He enjoys mushroom hunting and playing football, as well as board and strategy games. In fact, he’s a bona fide Civilization addict. A keen skier, Krzysztof has tried his hand at kiteboarding but hasn’t met with the same success. The heart and soul of the party, Krzysztof sometimes sings at work, even when no one asks him to.

Graphic Artist / Designer
Jane Helf

Jarek Lula

Jarek has been involved in the gaming industry since 2000. Graphic Artist, Designer and Animator are his calling cards. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk, which makes him a certified cinemaniac and an expert in sci-fi literature. Some of Jarek’s hobbies include making papercraft models and collecting Legos. He loves trains, his favourite colour is orange, and he’s slightly antisocial (though he burns with passion on the inside). Jarek has read more books than the rest of the company combined, and he’s very precise and thorough in his professional work. He’s thinking of adopting a cat.

Graphic Artist / Composer
Bartek Brosz

Bartek Brosz

A games creator since 2001, Bartek also moonlights as a Graphic and Comic Strip Artist, Book Illustrator, Game Music Composer and Architect. Bartek is a musical polyglot, with the ability to play drums, piano, accordion, saxophone and guitar. That doesn’t necessarily mean he’s good at any of them – he just knows how to play them. He’s a member of The Paperbags, holding down drumming and songwriting duties. Bartek is married and has a son and a cat. He’s an amateur equestrian, sailor and skier, and likes hiking and rollerblading. He doesn’t like fruit, but loves chocolate. Does he like chocolate-covered fruit? The jury’s still out. Bartek can theorize about anything in a matter of seconds and is an incorrigible optimist. His favorite movie genres are superhero and rom-com.


With their sublime ability to turn our ideas into working applications, our programmers are nothing short of awesome. Say hello to:

Szymon Stasiak and Krzysztof Winczak.

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