Build a plane. Or a helicopter. Or a balloon with chicken legs. See Kate and Harry fly in the sky. Meet other funny pilots and their flying machines. Tap the clouds to change their shapes!

A cute, interactive toy app designed to stimulate and encourage your child’s creativity. Regardless of the language they speak, children - even as young as 2 y/o - are able to intuitively understand the rules, follow the plot and play independently.

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First - pick Kate or Harry to be your helper.
Next - build your plane or other air vehicle by simply tapping the parts - there are hundreds of aircraft design combinations available and all of them are possible to reach in 5 simple steps!
Then - watch Kate or Harry fly your plane above a randomly generated environment, tap the plane parts and everything you see to check what happens. Look for other pilots and their funny machines, tap the clouds to see them change shapes, find surprises tied to balloons!
Finally - enjoy your aircraft being applauded by an enthusiastic crowd on the airport

- No written or spoken language, just sounds and gestures,
- For toddlers and preschoolers around the world,
- Designed for 2-4 years old kids, but works great for the whole 1-6 years old range,
- Unlimited creativity, experimenting and discovery options,
- Only “Tap&Watch” mechanics throughout the app: NO icons, NO buttons, NO complicated choices, NO links,
- Create! - Experiment! - Explore! - Interact! - Get rewarded! - Try again!
- Lots of funny and realistic sounds,
- NO time pressure, NO high scores, NO in-apps, NO ads

download media kit (zip file, 4mb)


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