Ponies! Horses! And even a reindeer. Tap 5 times to design one and see Kate and Harry ride it. Create! - Experiment! - Explore! - Interact! - Get rewarded! - Try again!

A carefully designed interactive toy app that focuses on child’s creativity and need of experimenting, perfect for the youngest audience around the world. From award winning Very Nice Studio team.


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First - pick Kate or Harry to be your helper.
Next - design your pony by simply tapping the screen - there are hundreds of design combinations available and all of them are possible to reach in 5 simple steps!
Then - start your adventure - watch Kate or Harry ride your pony through a randomly generated environment, tap everything you see to check what happens. Look for hidden treasure!
Finally - enjoy your mount being applauded by an enthusiastic crowd in the castle!

- No written or spoken language, just sounds and gestures
- Suitable for toddlers and preschoolers around the world, no matter the language they speak
- Designed for 2-4 years old kids, but works great for the whole 1-6 years old range
- Wide range of creativity, experimenting and discovery options
- Only “Tap&Watch” mechanics throughout the app: NO icons, NO buttons, NO complicated choices, NO links, NO menus
- Lots of funny sounds and hand drawn graphics
- No time pressure, no high scores, no in-apps, no ads
- Unlimited play - each game flows smoothly into the next one

download media kit (zip file, 100mb)

Visit: www.kateandharry.com

Ride a Pony with Kate and Harry
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